We call this the standard setting and its usually pretty close.

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The "hi" fuel adjustment screw regulates the fuel when the engine is at full throttle. One will have “Hi ” marking, while the other will have a “Lo” marking for identification. Reach maximum rpm (14,000 rpm).

Pull out the air filter and slap it against your palm to get rid of any dust.

. . Stihl Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment.

2. Turn the H screw clockwise with a carburetor adjustment tool until the head is spinning as fast as it will go, then back off the screw carefully until the RPMs start to decrease.


If set too high the chain will run.

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This method works. 3567 Answers.

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Then, you’ll locate and adjust the three screws as appropriate.

. Tighten the 'L' screw all the way, then turn it one turn counterclockwise to open it. .

It'll run fine for awhile then won't start. . . 3. 194 Answers. I don't see a spec for the 025, but the factory spec on a MS250 is 14,000 RPMs.

STIHL 025 repair and carburetor adjustment.

I think it was just the adjustment screws. Both ways the saw will drop in rpm, find where is runs the fastest (lean drop off) once you have lean drop off, turn L screw out.

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Try opening up the low jet and see if it runs more smoothly, but that's probably not the issue.



If set too high the chain will run.