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Dating Singles. – Published on May 18, 2023. Phil enlists the help of Egyptian television host, Adham El Kamouny to help find him,.


Mindy says she believes that “Thomas,” who claims to be a successful oil rig engineer and currently stranded in the Gulf of Mexico, is catfishing Karen. “We have tried everything to prove this to her. A woman says she fell in love with a man she met online but never saw face to face, then learned that he is not who he said he was.

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Phil digs deeper to understand Kayla's motives.


Phil providing Karen with seemingly overwhelming evidence that “Thomas” was indeed a catfish, Karen seemed to have a hard time grasping what had happened to her and who. Phil,” a woman named Simone was a featured guest brought on by her friend out of frustration due to her.

Phil To Woman About Images From Alleged Catfish | Dr. Add synopsis.

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The Omarion catfish even tried charging Simone $3,000 to.



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Phil continues his conversation with Mindy and her mother, Karen, who claimed to be in love with a man she had never met named “Thomas.

He says he thinks it’s fun and has no intention of stopping. .


She admitted she had also never video chatted with “Thomas” and that she had sent thousands of dollars to him, because she believed he was “stuck” on an oil rig.

Karen says she’s fallen in love and plans to spend the rest of her life with a man named “Thomas,” whom she met online.

Lois acknowledged that she was being scammed when she first appeared on Dr.